Our Services.

With more than 32 years of experience, thousands of foot orthotics handcrafted personally, Brad Gibbs and Ortho-Kinetics Inc. is the standard of excellence in assessing lower limb dysfunction and providing relief for lower limb and foot-related pain. With continuous engagement in the pedorthic industry and keen and discretionary attention to industry leading products, our services are topnotch.

Why choose us?

It is simple. Brad has a unique style of combining an expert and thorough investigative biomechanical assessment, his attention to detail and experience in foot orthotic design and manufacture, and his knowledgeable and easy to apply exercise advice.

This approach sets him apart from the typical pedorthic professional. It separates him with an even greater divide from those professions that merely sell orthotics as a side business. Most importantly, it puts YOU on a path toward a greater quality of life.


Brad pursues ongoing professional training within his industry, participates in interprofessional seminars and lectures, and leads a committee of his peers in constantly improving the study, practice and knowledge of his profession.


Brad maintains the highest standard of competency, ethics, collaboration and integrity toward his clients, his profession, and the community


More than 32 years of observing and problem-solving patients’ mobility needs. More than 32 years of manufacturing orthotics and modifying footwear. More than 32 years of skill in plaster casting and other casting techniques.

Our Services


A foot orthotic is a device that is discretely inserted into your footwear to support and improve foot or lower limb function.


You depend on healthy knees to keep you moving


The ankle joint is complex and prone to injury


Medical compression therapy improves blood flow, reduces swelling and improves comfort in your legs.

Custom and Orthopaedic Footwear

Custom and orthopaedic footwear provide you with comfort and improved mobility.



Foot Health

From immunizations to checkups and  preventive care,  exams, our primary care physicians and providers work to keep you and your whole family healthy and strong each and every day.

Our Process

Step 1

Call or email us for a quick discussion on how we can help you with your condition.
If you’ve been referred by a healthcare specialist, simply call for an assessment appointment.

Step 2

Set aside an hour for the consultation and bring your footwear, some shorts and your referral if you have one.

Step 3

When you come back to be fitted with your orthotics, your brace or your footwear we’ll provide you with all the paperwork you’ll need to submit your claim to any extended health benefits coverage you may have.

Step 4

Depending on the condition, we may have you back for a follow up and further modifications as necessary.

Choose a date and time.

Assessments are typically 30 to 60 minutes. Bring your footwear you work in and what you where after work, bring shorts, and the prescription from your referring medical professional if you have one.

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