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Knee Assessments

You depend on healthy knees to keep you moving. With a background in Kinesiology and over 32 years assessing lower limb biomechanics, Brad will guide you to either a custom made brace that fits your exact knee shape and lifestyle demands, or he’ll fit you with a pre-made brace that best meets your knee condition and lifestyle.

  • Ortho-Kinetics Inc. has partnered with the world’s industry leaders, offering a wide variety of custom and non-custom bracing to fit your particular needs or prescription.
  • All brands and models fit differently, and your knee shape and alignment are unique
  • Custom braces are typically ready in 5 to 7 business days
  • We have a variety of topnotch non-custom knee braces in stock for same day fit
  • Most knee braces are covered by 3rd party healthcare providers

Whether it’s a ligament injury, inflammation from overuse, or degenerative arthritis, relying on us to be your bracing specialist ensures that you make an informed decision and receive the best product

Conditions Treated At You Knee Assessment

Knee Pain Conditions

Symptoms of Knee Pain

Adolescent Sports Injuries

How does it work?

Knee joints are complicated structures with many parts that can get injured, causing pain or swelling. After all, they carry our weight and a heavy workload for much of the time through our busy lives.

Whether you require the brace for playing sports, to relieve pain from arthritis or injury, or recovering from surgery, we have a brace for you.

Step 1

Book an Assessment

  • Call us or book a knee assessment on line
  • A knee assessment typically takes 30 to 45 minutes
  • If you have shorts, bring them(we also have shorts at the clinic)
  • Bring your prescription if you have one and x-ray CD or report

step 2


  • Review of your condition and history of injury and discuss your x-ray or MRI results
  • Examine your muscle strength, structural alignment and range of motion
  • Answer any questions you may have relating to your knee condition
  • Discuss the various bracing options, measure and fit you with the best brace to fit your needs
  • Recommend strengthening exercises, stretches or referral to complementary health professionals

step 3


  • Within a few weeks, you should be feeling less pain and experiencing greater mobility
  • If necessary, we’ll have you come back for a fitting refresher and discuss how the brace is working for you
  • Perform any necessary adjustments and service the brace if necessary
  • Review exercises and stretches

Frequently Asked Questions

– A custom knee brace is $1750
– Non-custom bracing for ligament or arthritic conditions range from $270 to $900
– Non-custom braces for patella control range from $125 to $270

– Many extended health insurers cover most of the cost of a brace
– You will likely need a prescription and we will gladly provide an estimate(predetermination) before you purchase anything

– Most insurers require the invoice to be fully paid and the brace dispensed before they will reimburse
– Some insurance companies to allow for assignment of benefits and we can help you with investigating this

– You should always consult your physician to discuss treatments
– Many people benefit from a brace to relieve arthritic pain, improve mobility and stability
– Braces support and stabilize knees, help relieve pain and make it easier to move with comfort and confidence
– Certain types of braces offer compression which is designed to reduce swelling

Ready to Get Started

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Assessments are typically 30 to 60 minutes. Bring your footwear you work in and what you where after work, bring shorts, and the prescription from your referring medical professional if you have one.

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