Ortho-Kinetics - 22 years and counting

This is my first blog so it seems a good time to reflect.

I have to say that these last 22 years have gone by much faster than I would have imagined. In the beginning, I ran the entire show by myself - no staff. From answering the phone, looking after my patients, making their foot orthotics and all the clerical and custodial tasks.

What’s changed since then?

For starters, I have over 24 years experience as a pedorthist. And I now have a tremendous staff, 2 locations, including Oakville, and we’re possibly the busiest foot orthotics business in Cambridge.

And we still make all our professionally designed and high quality orthotics right in our lab in our Cambridge building on King Street.

We still use our highly developed and experienced skill set to design and construct custom made foot orthotic devices from a plaster or foam cast.

And through all these past 22 years I have had hundreds of loyal patients return for new foot orthotics, footwear and advice. I have had dozens of family physicians, specialists, physiotherapists and other members of the healthcare community support me with their trust in my services. And for this I am very grateful.